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Guatemala is catching up with the most advanced Latin American countries on their way to the Information Society. The enclosed paper has been edited by the so-called "Grupo de la Piazza", that has been sponsored by PITCH to contribute to the national Information Society initiative of Guatemala (GuatemalSė).

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PITCH is sponsoring a think-tank, the so-called "Grupo de la Piazza", which provides suggestions and recommendations regarding the establishment of the information society in Guatemala. The informal group is opened to volunteer experts in the field of the information society, whose contributions are made on a personal basis. Contributors so far include M.M. Zaghi, M. Sosa, L. Furlan, D. Mendoza, E. Cossich, R. Lavidalie, A. Bonilla, J.M. Godoy, and R. Mendia and M. Bosco, both board-members of PITCH. The group held a seminar in Antigua Guatemala on Saturday and Sunday 18-19 of December 2004 with a view to draft a non-paper to be widely distributed among the main actors of the Information Society in Guatemala. The non-paper has now become a contribution to the GuatemalaSi initiative (where "Si" stands for: Sociedad de la Informacion) launched by the Guatemalan government during the opening of the Thematic Meeting on "Economic and Social Implications of ICT" of the World Summit on the Information Society on January 17-19, 2005. The non-paper is now public, and comments can now be provided by email.


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