PITCH, the Association 'For the Promotion of International Technological Co-operation for Humanistic ends' has the support of world-renowned scientists, policy-makers, and industrialists from all continents. 

Through its cooperation with influent international organizations, PITCH relays and amplifies the well-informed opinions that scientists and technologists express on issues of societal and global interest. PITCH is a philanthropic association. It builds upon two main ideas: Firstly, the scientific community can be very effective at promoting a more humanistic knowledge society. Secondly, to be widely accessible, technologies in the knowledge society must be defined and be developed with the involvement of communities of researchers from all around the world.

The activities of PITCH are directed mainly towards the dissemination and the promotion of knowledge, education and training in connection with its "raison d’ętre". PITCH endeavors to animate an Internet information page and an Internet forum open to its members and, partly, to the public. PITCH also regularly invites one or more lecturers to develop ideas and concepts in agreement with the object of PITCH at the occasion of private gatherings of its members or in public events. PITCH informs its members about the latest developments of international cooperation programs that run in many places around the world. PITCH edits comments, articles, reports, and recommendations on international and technological cooperation activities, as well as a newsletter available to its members.


URL: http://www.pitchworld.org



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